Eaton Creek Organic Farm


USDA Certified Organic

Located just outside of Nashville in the community of Joelton, Eaton’s Creek Organics (ECO) is a certified, organic community-based farm, where you’ll find a happy mixture of fresh and tasty good things to eat.

On 12 acres of rich, organic soil, we grow an assortment of select and heirloom varieties of produce, fruits and herbs. All bursting with the flavor, color, aroma and nutrition of certified organically grown food—Real Food.

In the fields of ECO, we practice environmentally safe farming methods, which include crop rotation, companion planting, cover crops, raised garden beds, beneficial pest management and lots and lots of hands-on tender loving care for our crops. The proof is in the harvest—the very best in homegrown food with exceptional taste and nutrients…just what your body craves.

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