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These are the offerings available for the week of August 2nd, 2015. The Market is open from Sunday night until Tuesday evening. Deliveries will be on Wednesday, August 5th at Trinity Church on Sharondale and Hillsboro Pike in Green Hills. Delivery time is 4 to 6 p.m.

Thank you for buying our local, organically grown produce and flowers. We are also please to be able to offer you meats, dairy, eggs, bread, coffee, soaps, and fruits from other local farms and businesses. All of our products offered, if not certified organic, are raised using all natural, sustainable methods. No chemicals are used on the foods we offer you here through our Market! You can read more about all of our growers on the “Our Growers” page.

You can send your deposits to the address below, or put deposits on your account through Pay Pal on this website. Go to your “Accounts” page, and it is at the bottom. You can also pay into your account when you pick up your food.

Thanks for your support!

Please send deposits to:

Fresh Harvest, LLC
3514 Gray Ln.
Thompson Station, TN 37179

The Market Managers have temporarily disabled ordering at this market. The Market opens Sunday night and closes at 7pm on Tuesday.

Dozen Bakery's Baked Goods

Grower: Dozen Bakery
Price: $4.75 ( 1 )
Available (Estimated): 49

Crusty outside, soft and milky interior. Made with sourdough starter and organic flours. more
Brown Sugar Shortcakes
Grower: Dozen Bakery
Price: $5.50 ( 4 individual shortcakes )
Available (Estimated): 17

These brown sugar shortcakes are great with fresh fruit and whipped cream or you can just eat them by themselves. ... more
Cookies, Chocolate Chip
Grower: Dozen Bakery
Price: $9.00 ( 6 pack )
Available (Estimated): 30

Our rich and chewy chocolate chip cookie with bittersweet chocolate chips. Dozen bakery uses organic and local ingredients, and everything ... more
Cookies, Chocolate Chip Pecans
Grower: Dozen Bakery
Price: $9.00 ( 6 pack )
Available (Estimated): 31

Our rich and chewy chocolate chip pecan cookie with bittersweet chocolate chips and lightly toasted pecans. Dozen bakery uses organic ... more
Cookies, Ginger
Grower: Dozen Bakery
Price: $9.00 ( 6 pack )
Available (Estimated): 37

You must taste our tender ginger molasses cookie with chunks of real crystallized ginger. It's like a ginger snap, but ... more
Cookies, Oatmeal Cranberry
Grower: Dozen Bakery
Price: $9.00 ( 6 pack )
Available (Estimated): 41

One of our most popular items, this chewy oatmeal cookie features dried cranberries and chopped walnuts. Dozen bakery uses organic ... more
Cookies, Snickerdoodles
Grower: Dozen Bakery
Price: $9.00 ( 6 pack )
Available (Estimated): 46

Dozen Bakery's softest cookie, the snickerdoodle is just like your grandmother used to make - a soft sugar cookie rolled ... more
French Country Sourdough Bread
Grower: Dozen Bakery
Price: $5.00 ( 1 loaf )
Available (Exact): 50

French Country Sourdough Batard. Made with our 100+ year old sourdough starter, organic wheat and rye flour, water and salt. ... more
Peach Galette
Grower: Dozen Bakery
Price: $15.00 ( 1 galette (feeds 6) )
Available (Estimated): 15

Dozen Bakery's galette is based on the French dessert. It's made with a flaky pie crust and filled with a ... more