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Fresh Harvest Order Reminder! Peach Truck and Burrata!

We have some great items still available on the Market, as well as some new additions!

SNOW PEAS! These short-lived but delicious peas with edible pods are a rare spring treat! So naturally sweet and crunchy kids love them ! Lots of other great lettuces, greens, and other veggies as well!

BURRATA! The Bloomy Rind just added this amazing fresh mozzarella! Get yourself some!

BROWN SUGAR SHORTCAKES! Dozen Bakery’s summer treat, perfect to use with…

PEACH TRUCK PEACHES! They’ll be at drop off with the summers first peaches!

Please go to the Market Page at and place your order! You have until Tuesday evening.

Thanks so much for your support- see you on Wednesday!

John and Tally