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Fresh Harvest for January 21st

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Market News


It will be good to see you this week!

It’s been a cold one, and our vegetable offerings are pretty basic this week. The current warm spell is lovely for the crops, and hopefully they will have some time to grow and bounce back in the weeks ahead. In the meantime, please support the veggies us farmers do have available to you! There is plenty of fresh, delicious goodness for keeping you well fed!
There is a great selection from our meat producers – lots of new items and remember if there is an item you’d like but don’t see, please let us know and we may be able to track it down for you!

We’ve got a special treat this week of a small, artisan batch of malt vinegar. This is made by the same master fermenter who brought us sauerkraut last season. You can read it’s full description on the market page. Give some a try!

*We are on an EVERY OTHER WEEK schedule! * So that means stock up as you can on meat, eggs, and our storage vegetables! Even the greens are so fresh and well taken care of they have a very long fridge life. So make sure you order enough for 2 weeks!

Our next delivery date after this Wednesday will be Wednesday, Feburary 7th

We are really excited for the year ahead, and hope to continue to serve you in the best way possible! We are always open to feedback and questions. It helps us to be better at what we do, so we appreciate you letting us know what you love or what some concerns may be!

Thanks for all your support – we look forward to seeing you on Wednesday!

John and Tally