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Fresh Harvest Big News! Please Read!!

Hello Fresh Harvest Customers and Friends,

This is Tally writing you with some news I want to share. I am writing to let you know of some changes happening for Fresh Harvest starting this January, 2019.

I have decided to take a full time, off farm job.

The job is with The Nashville Food Project, a non-profit organization in Nashville. I will be the Education Manager for their Growing Together program. The program works with refuges resettled in Nashville that have agrarian backgrounds and want to farm, with the goal of increasing financial security and creating community and conversation through the cultural exchange of growing food.
The Nashville Food Project is an organization I really love and admire. The team I will be working with is inspiring and motivated.
The work is something I feel ready for and am interested in. All in all it feels like a really good fit, and if there ever was to be a job I would want outside of farming this is it.

Fresh Harvest will continue on without me! For many many years now, John Drury has been an amazing business partner and friend. His kindness, good humor, sense of fairness and well-grounded common sense has been the steady guiding force behind Fresh Harvest and all of its success. John has been extremely supportive and understanding of my decision, for which I am eternally grateful.

John will continue Fresh Harvest on his own. There are many unknowns at this point as to how this will all play out, but for now John is committed to keeping the structure and protocol of the business very much the same, so you should not expect any big changes that will affect your participation .

All communication will now be with John only. You will see his name on the email and all phone communication will be through him. You are certainly welcome to contact me with any immediate questions or concerns, and I will be as helpful as I can in making this transition as smooth as possible!

The first delivery of the new year will be next week. The customer email will go out Sunday, January 6th and the new sender address will be from John. Delivery will be the same place and time, Wednesday January 9th.

It has been an amazing pleasure and privilege to work with you all over these many years. Getting to greet you every week, seeing your smiles, getting hugs, and hearing your news has been a constant source of joy for me. You all have been my support network, my cheerleaders, and my family, and I am so grateful to each of you. Together we have shared much – new jobs, weddings, babies, kids leaving for college, illness, accidents, and the passing of loved ones. You have been my community and you – through your dedication to a local economy and your support of local food – have enabled me to do what I love in a sustainable way for 15 years. Thank you with all my heart. You have made my life richer.
It is my hope that someday soon I will see each of you in person and we can once again share hugs and news of the day!

Until then, please be patient with John as he valiantly forges ahead. He deserves any credit you may give him.

And, also, please have a very healthy and happy New Year, 2019. I wish you all the very best!

With much love and sincere thanks,