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Fresh Harvest for September 15th

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Market News

The average first frost date for our area is one month from today. I’m looking forward to that light dusting and cool temps on the 15th of October, mark your calendars. For some reason, I keep thinking that our offerings will be diminishing at this time of the year. But not at all, we have quite a large and varied list this week. This same errant thinking caused me to believe that Anson and I could pack the orders last week in our usual 2 hour span. It was a little hectic, but we got it done although Anson finished around 5:30. I didn’t even get to show off Abe’s 30 lb. melon that I bought. You too could have one this week. Arugula and green beans are back on the Market as well as Rocky Glade Farm’s broccoli.

I am setting up in a different location at Trinity. There’s a big tree diagonally across from where I’ve been setting up, near Sharondale. It’s flat and has more shade.

Lots of fine items from Wedge Oak and Bear Creek Farms.

Dozen Bakery cookies and breads, eggs, granola, honey, and coffee are all in abundance.

You have until Tuesday night to place your order.
Thanks for your support, and I will see you on Wednesday!

If you need to text me, my number is 615-838-0428.