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Fresh Harvest for September 8th

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Congratulations to me! I turned the big 7-0 last Friday. I know, I know – I don’t look that old and I look pretty good for 70. Either of those will work when you see me next, but you have to look sincere, no smirking! I keep waiting for the wisdom to start pouring in, maybe that happens at 71.

Rocky Glade Farm had some beautiful broccoli last week. This week they have listed 40 heads. The Hershbergers still have their giant watermelons. Maybe you can find a friend or two to split those big honkers. They also have listed sweet potatoes. Once again, they have beaten me to the harvest. Mine will stay in the ground until there’s a rain which looks like it will probably be in October. Their heirloom tomatoes are also doing great. No comment on how mine are doing. Henosis has some beautiful Oyster Mushrooms. Bear Creek listed a new item, pork sliders which I intend to try, assuming that I can get to the Market in time before they’re all sold out.

Fresh Harvest has always hated using plastic bags to help keep the veggies fresh for you. We felt that we had no other option to keep the produce from drying out. Recently I heard about a produce bag that is totally compostable without leaving any harmful residues or plastic fragments. I ordered a large quantity from BioBags and they look good. I’ll inform the other growers about the bags and see if they want to use them. I’ll still be reusing the bags that you return if possible. BioBags has a variety of compostable bags available on Amazon and other retailers. It seems like a legitimate product. Learn more about them at: I saw an article from Consumer Reports last week entitled: How To Eat Less Plastic. I didn’t realize that I was eating ANY plastic. To learn more:

I am setting up in a different location at Trinity. There’s a big tree diagonally across from where I’ve been setting up, near Sharondale. It’s flat and has more shade.

Lots of fine items from Wedge Oak and Bear Creek Farms.

Dozen Bakery cookies and breads, eggs, granola, honey, and coffee are all in abundance.

You have until Tuesday night to place your order.
Thanks for your support, and I will see you on Wednesday!

If you need to text me, my number is 615-838-0428.