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Fresh Harvest for November 10th

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During the torrid temperatures of September, a customer asked me whether I preferred deliveries in the 90 degree weather or the 30 degree temps of winter. I paused to answer because even though the heat was stifling and never ending, I abhor standing out in freezing temps. It looks like there will be some low temps in the teens on Tuesday night which is right before Wednesday delivery. No cause for panic since I purchased a box of 40 chauffe-mains (hand warmers). The brand is Little Hotties which I find a little obnoxious, so I use the French name of the product. They are securitate, naturel and inodoere. I am busy sewing pockets in my undergarments and socks so that I can be fully covered with the chauffe-mains.


I plan to do my best to be up at the church for pick up until daylight savings time returns next spring.

There’s quite a nice selection of veggies this week including peppers, lettuce and kale. If something sells out that you want, just make a note in the Comment section and if more becomes available, you’ll be the first in line.

Bloomy Rind has Pimento Cheese and Cultured Butter as well as 8 other tasty items.
In the meat category, there is quite the selection of pork, beef, chicken and duck. If you need something for the holidays, let me know and I’ll see if Bear Creek or Wedge Oak will be able to have it for you.

Dozen Bakery will have pies and other wonderful items available for your Thanksgiving. You can check out the options at their website:
To order you can email them at: or call them at: (615) 712-8150. Deadline for ordering is the Sunday before Thanksgiving.

Wedge Oak Farm will have a limited number of turkeys available for Thanksgiving. These are locally grown heritage turkeys. You will need to pick them up at their farm in Lebanon or at the Richland Farmers’ Market. You can contact Wedge Oak for size and price at:

Dozen Bakery’s galettes, cookies and breads, eggs, granola, honey, and coffee are all in abundance.

You have until Tuesday night to place your order.
Thanks for your support, and I will see you on Wednesday!

If you need to text me, my number is 615-838-0428.