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Fresh Harvest for January 5th

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I hope that everyone enjoyed the holidays and having time with their family and friends. That was the case for me although I found myself turning into quite the slug. It’s back to work with a purpose now. I hope that your New Year’s resolution is to try to eat more locally grown food. We’ll do our best to give you that opportunity this year. Surprisingly, we have a pretty good selection this week with lots of carrots, lettuces, mushrooms and greens. I’m not sure what the winter schedule will be including next week, but I will keep you updated. It depends on the quantity of veggies our growers have available each week and whether a blizzard is in the forecast.

Bear Creek and Wedge Oak have a great variety of meats. Bloomy Rind has 10 delectable items listed.

Cookies, breads, eggs, granola, honey, and coffee are plentiful.

You have until Tuesday night to place your order.
Thanks for your support, and I will see you on Wednesday!

If you need to text me, my number is 615-838-0428.