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Hi all-
I hope you and your families are doing well in these difficult days. I’m grateful for the sunshine!

An update: I’m going to suspend Fresh Harvest deliveries until the coronavirus is under better control. For myself and my family — and for others — we’re staying home.

The farmers and producers that participate with Fresh Harvest have been hit hard by the virus and the economic effects of it. Many producers had substantial sales with restaurants which have immediately dried up. Dozen Bakery is temporarily closed, but hopes to reopen April 6th. Bongo Java has closed for the time being. When I learn of alternative options for you to purchase from Fresh Harvest producers, I will do my best to let you know. Strawberry season is approaching and we’ll try to figure out how to get those to you.

I’ve always enjoyed seeing all of you on Wednesdays, and I miss it. Hope you are staying healthy.

If you need to text me, my number is 615-838-0428.