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Cheese from The Bloomy Rind

The deadline to order is Tonight!

We hope this finds you safe and well.

Greetings, dear cheese lover. Folks have often requested a cheese club, so now that we find ourselves with extra time and surplus inventory, we’re offering a Stock Your Cheese Drawer to try it out. When so many of the amazing restaurants we supply either switched to a limited takeout menu or completely paused service, we found ourselves with a bunch of cheese in need of good homes. We reached out to our friends at Woodland Wine Merchant, Jackalope Brewery, and Yazoo Brewery to see if they could include a cheese box with their pick up/delivery services. (They said yes!) To keep things simple for them, you’ll order the cheese through us, and we’ll drop orders at the partner you choose.

>>By the way, if you need some delicious cheese but wanna skip the booze, Porter Road Butcher is well stocked and offering curbside service (615-650-4440). <<

To order a Stock Your Cheese Drawer box:
1) Choose a size, large (3-5 cheeses, $45) or small (2-3 cheese, $25).
2) Venmo the amount with contact and delivery method choice (detailed options below) by WEDNESDAY at midnight.
3) Place your corresponding order with WWM, Jackalope, or Yazoo.
4) Pick up or receive delivery Friday or Saturday.
5) Enjoy!


Selections are “cheesemonger choice” style, meaning it’s going to be a surprise! We will include a mix of styles and textures, and the sizing will either be whole wheels of small format cheeses or generous wedges for cut wheels. Everything will of course be labeled. Portions will be generous and you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck as we try to reduce perishable inventory.

Venmo payment to @KathleenHCotter with all the relevant details: name, contact # in case we need to reach you, delivery/pick up partner and day, and address if you’re choosing delivery. Cheese order deadline: WEDNESDAY at midnight. We suggest marking the transaction private so you’re not sending your info out to the internets. If you don’t use Venmo, reply to this email and we’ll figure out another option.


We will send a confirmation text from 615-429-9648 that your order was received.

Be sure to get your orders placed for pick up/delivery with one of our partner options: Woodland Wine Merchant, Jackalope, or Yazoo. Please order under the same name (and address) as the cheese order so we can match them up easily. Our partners are helping us out by teaming up to offer delivery/pick up of our cheeses, so this is only an option with the purchase of their goods. Remember to let them know whether you’d like your order for Friday or Saturday (we need a day to assemble cheese orders, so please only select one of these days.)

If you have questions along the way related to the cheese order, please text/call/email The Bloomy Rind (615-429-9648/ Our partners will only be able to answer questions about their goods.

Safety first: The Bloomy Rind is licensed and inspected by the TN Department of Ag. All of our cheese producers are licensed and inspected by their respective state agencies. We are based in Citizen Kitchens, which is not open to the general public. The cheese is only handled by cheesemonger Kathleen with gloved hands on sanitized surfaces that are used only by us. We will package your order in a to go box or bag, so delivery folks are only handling the container, not any of the individual cheeses. Your health and safety is our #1 concern – now and always. Please feel free to reach out with any questions.

Thank you for your support. A cheese box purchase helps not only The Bloomy Rind stay afloat during these challenging times, but also a handling fee goes to our partners. Most of the cheeses we’ll be sending out are from regional and domestic cheesemakers who desperately need to sell product right now, especially the soft cheeses that can’t age out. Many thanks all around!
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