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Bloomy Rind Cheese for April

We had a lovely response to the first round of Stock Your Cheese Drawer boxes. Thank you for the orders!

We’re adjusting a few things this week as we try to figure out what works best for everyone. We are going to offer a cheese box subscription!

Fear not, fellow commitment-phobes, it’s just for the month of April-ish. You can select a weekly Woodland Wine Merchant pickup (4 total) or you can opt for every other week (2 total). There are three sizes: small, large, or “the works,” which is a mix of several cheeses and at least one accompaniment, like salami, crackers, preserves, olives, etc.

Why a subscription? This will help us be able to plan some cheese orders, thus helping cheesemakers by buying more and making it possible to find some more fun cheese options to include in your boxes. Planning ahead of time means we can be sure to send different cheeses each week, so you can try lots of different varieties. Also, our friends at Woodland Wine Merchant can work up pairing suggestions with a little extra lead time.

Sign up by completing this form:
Order by Thursday (4/9) at noon.

In case a subscription isn’t the right fit right now, there are more ways to get great cheese:

1) We supply the cheese counter at Porter Road Butcher. Call 615-650-4440. Ask cheesemonger Shira to pick out some cheese for you. Tell her how many cheeses, anything you don’t like, and a budget. She’ll have it ready for curbside pickup. Easy peasy.

2) Our friends at MEEL ( are offering our cheese boxes this week. As long as you order some other goodies from their site with the cheese box, delivery to your home is FREE!

3) We’re also excited to supply Turnip Truck with local Sequatchie Cove cheeses, an awesome sheep cheddar called Somerset, and small batch Il Porcellino salami from Colorado, so grab those goodies while you’re grocery shopping.

If you have questions along the way related to the cheese order, please text/call/email The Bloomy Rind (615-429-9648/

Safety first: The Bloomy Rind is licensed and inspected by the TN Department of Ag. All of our cheese producers are licensed and inspected by their respective state agencies. We are based in Citizen Kitchens, which is not open to the general public. The cheese is only handled by cheesemonger Kathleen with gloved hands on sanitized surfaces that are used only by us. We will package your order in a to go box or bag, so delivery folks are only handling the container, not any of the individual cheeses. Your health and safety is our #1 concern – now and always. Please feel free to reach out with any questions.

Thank you for your support. A cheese box purchase helps not only The Bloomy Rind stay afloat during these challenging times, but also a handling fee goes to our partners. Most of the cheeses we’ll be sending out are from regional and domestic cheesemakers who desperately need to sell product right now, especially the soft cheeses that can’t age out. Many thanks all around!