Earthwind Botanicals


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Earthwind Botanicals orginated in 2003 when founder Kristy May introduced her line of primarily plant derived products at an open house, but truly the concept of handmade, natural products had been brewing inside Kristy since she was a young child. She would experiment with facial masks and hair rinses using common household ingredient such as oatmeal, eggs, and milk. In 1998, Kristy began making her own aromatherapy massage oils for her massage practice. She found her handmade creations to be superior to similar store bought versions. She then began to try her hand at other types of products that could be found on health food store shelves and began to implement them into her own skin care regimen and noticed positive results. This passion combined with a strong chemistry background and continuing education, soon led to the birth of Earthwind Botanicals (Earthwind Natural Product, LLC).

Over time, Kristy has expanded the range of products offered and has fine tuned each product and its packaging to create a cohesive line of aromatic and high quality products for the bath, body, and home. She continues to hand make all of the products offered in small batches and creates the overall “look” of the products, with help from her husband Duncan and his graphic design skills. Of course, the products have to be tested, so long baths are a must in the May household.

Now, the product list includes handmade soaps, oatmeal bath fizzers, bath & body oils, tub teas, lip therapy balms, sea salt body polish, room sprays, gift baskets, and more. All of these products are made using high quality natural ingredients such as plant oils and butters, botanicals, and essential oils. There are no synthetic fragrances or colorants, or harsh preservatives used in these products. There is an emphasis on eco friendly packaging with the products. Most of the labels on bottles and jars are printed on material that has been made from corn and are in recyclable containers. The soaps and oatmeal bath fizzers are packaged in handmade, tree-free paper, and the gift sets are mostly packaged in handmade, natural fiber containers.

The ultimate mission for Kristy and her company is to produce affordable, high quality, and natural products that smell good and feel good, using environmentally responsible production methods.

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